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Tema: Mailartist Photoportraits Gallery
Direccion postal: Keith Bates and Leanda Ryan and
2 Ferngate Drive, Manchester, M20 4AH, England

Fecha limite: no deadline
Convocatoria: Mailartist Photoportraits Gallery
Please send us a photograph of your face for a web gallery. We will include one photo of as many mailartists as possible.
We would like a good, clear, 'head and shoulders' photoportrait, taken recently or at your most creative time of life.

Choose a picture of you at your best - your happiest, your most hardworking, your most serious, your friendliest, your most enigmatic, one with a twinkle in your eye, one that shows your true character. Whether it's a photo taken by yourself or someone else, we want the single shot that best sums you up. A photo that captures you for posterity, for future generations to see.

We would also like to receive the best photograph of each mailartist who has passed away, chosen by a close friend or relative. If we receive several photos of a mailartist we will try to choose the best one.
Mailartist Photoportraits will be documented as an online gallery to form a lasting internet archive at

This is an ongoing project, photos will be added as they are received and will be freely downloadable. For accessibility, photos will be grouped in albums according to country of residence.

Contact details will NOT be included on the website, only the name of the pictured mailartist will accompany each photo.
emailart - Email attachments should be high quality jpegs, of good size or resolution.
SnailMailArt - Printed images of good size, but no larger than A4. No returns.
Thanks, Keith Bates and Leanda Ryan and
2 Ferngate Drive, Manchester, M20 4AH, England

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